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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minutes of KHCA Oct 7, 2013 Annual Grnreral Meeting

Present:  Rod MacLean, Marc Labreche, Kul Kapoor, Suraj Harish, Nilay Ertemur-Bhatti    Regrets: Councillor Hubley, Maria Friis (Women Making Votes Count program is full), Laura Lafantaisie, Maureen Taylor
September 9 Minutes approved as circulated 
President’s Review of KHCA activities from December 1st 2012 with and proposed activities for coming year and KHCA website notes are circulated to distribution list 
Treasurer’s Report on 2012-2013 shortfall $16 with all income and expenditures included   
Officers elected for 2013-2014 are President – Rod MacLean, Vice President - Marc Labreche, Secretary – Suzanne Talbot, Treasurer – Kul Kapoor effective November 1, 2013
Proposal to add a KHCA logo sign to City’s Community Sign at projected cost of $168.37
Mosquitoes were experienced as a problem this past year because of the frequent rainy days.     This is especially a concern for those with allergies and for those active adults and for children who are not to be couch potatoes.      Please note that when there is standing water in City parks or on other City property which needs to be sprayed  against mosquito larva, report it to the Health Inspector Duty Desk at 613-580-6744
Adjourned at 9:25 pm
Next Meeting:      Monday,    November   4,   2013