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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review of the KHCA 2012-2013 Year

**39 Paid Memberships and 194 residents on email distribution 
**Successful “Lighten the Night” Contest December 22 tour with Home Depot and Hazeldean Mall prizes awarded on January 7th
 **In partnership with KHCA - KES Parents’ Council organized operation & maintenance of the boarded and puddle rinks at Katimavik Elementary School led by Solomon Wong.     Supported a Brodeur/Beaufort street skating fun day at the rinks donating 20 + snowsuits on February 24th
**KHCA organized the operation & maintenance of a puddle rated rink at Young’s Pond with Pam Hornby, the Coordinator and Roman & Norbert Srutek looking after rink flooding.    Highlighted by a community skating party with refreshments provided by KHCA on February 17th            For 2014 recommend February 2nd or February 9th
**Collection of resident’s views on improving pedestrian use of the Tamblyn/McCurdy intersection of Castlefrank Road -- led to the proposal to add lighting at the North West Corner of the intersection and to reminder both  drivers and pedestrians to take caution when travelling through the intersection    Street lights likely with North West corner lighting in process for 2014
**Participated in City‘s Spring Parks Clean-up for all but two parks.   Carried through participation in Fall Parks Clean-up which tackled all parks which required special attention        Special attention to Watts Creek Park Spring, 2014
**Initiated the step of presentation of participation awards to five youngster on their effort and thoroughness in Park clean up during Spring clean-up and children for Fall clean-up 
**Received presentation on the City of Ottawa Better Neighbourhood Program
**Revived Katimavik Hazeldean yard sale on June 1 weekend with seven streets involved       KHCA will provide “yard sale” page on its website, more publicity and community promotion for June 7, 2014
**Led by Suzanne Talbot organized a Residents’ Community Picnic on June 15 with first aid support         KHCA is booking June 14 for next year’s Residents’ Community Picnic, arranging for food and considering activities.
**Strongly supported WLRT Corridor on Byron Avenue/Richmond Road connection from Dominion Station to Cleary Avenue.
**Unsuccessfully opposed OC Transpo proposal to contract out bus servicing and bus maintenance 
** Notified that City will not install a pathway from Parkway Park through the wood area to KAKULU Road at this time    Pickford Park trees which are a danger were cut down.     City may tax those property owners who extend their area of use of property onto City of Ottawa property until the City chooses to make use of its property.     
**KHCA continued its tradition of donating the use of the Kanata Recreation Centre Park to Canada Day in Kanata 2013
**Circulated WOCRC survey inviting reactions to possible recruitment poster
**KHCA welcomed Long and McQuade, the new owners of 66 Hearst Way and supported Franklin Empire proposed electrical retail outlet and warehouse ae 140 Hearst Way as they are very willing to accommodate concern about noise, lighting and mosquitoes
**On July 7th as KHCA President Rod MacLean was invited to a breakfast with the other Kanata South Community Association representative at the Mayor’s boardroom in City Hall Annex hosted by Mayor Watson and Councillor Hubley.    At the get together Rod raised three concerns.    These were the appropriate treatment of the Ottawa Senators hockey team, the need for the City to add more benches to City parks as a convenience to Older Adults and Rod’s confidence that the issues about the proposed Western LRT Corridor route would be resolved
**Advised that East sidewalk of Young’s Pond Park to be repaired as appropriate
**KHCA continued its sponsorship of Kanata Fourth Scout Troup
**Requested that City zoning for medical Marijuana facilities permit such facilities outside of the City’s urban area only.
** Requested that the draft amendments to the Official Plan recognize the needs of seniors; that the O P acknowledge pedestrians right to be on City streets and that the O P    be adjusted to take into account the population density requirements that reflect the limited amount  undeveloped land within the area originally designated as the Town Centre by the former City of Kanata for residential uses   
**Supported Old Richmond Road to be four lanes in Kanata because of cost of safely having three lanes
**The City will meet with residents before construction begins in 2014, since City is now working through the adjustments to Vanstone/Belleview flood mitigation project caused by the actual location of Bell service lines, electrical conduits and natural gas service.   The result is that the City will be concerned to have continuous flow of stormwater     There will not be a berm in Hewitt Park North instead stormwater will be conducted along the West side of the Park to storm drains.   For more information on the flood mitigation project, please contact: mark.mcmillan@ottawa.ca  
**After careful examination, the current condition of the road beds and the asphalting on the Vanstone/Belleview Streets is considered to be good and not in need of a second coat of paving 
** improvements for pedestrian access at Eagleson Road Park & Ride ongoing with the widening of the median as a place for pedestrians to safely wait for next crossing light
**Councillor Hubley has advised us that there are to be street lights likely with extra light at the now dark Northwest corner at the Tamblyn/McCurdy intersection with Castlefrank Road
**KHCA will organize a Buckthorn pull and tree planting in collaboration with the City’s Forestry staff with the support of Holy Trinity High School students on October 16th
**KHCA logo sign is proposed to be posted on the Community Organization sign on Eagleson Road
**Councillor Hubley’s office is organizing Christmas season wagon tours of a couple of Katimavik Hazeldean streets from a nearby public parking lot specific details to come
**The City is to buy street furniture including benches and possibly to have   sponsorship plaques from residents affixed benches
-- Oct. 10 Meeting on proposed Trans Canada pipeline transformation from carrying natural gas to transporting Alberta oilsands bitumen to Eastern refineries.        Session from4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Johnny Leroux Arena, 10 Colpitts Lane, Stittsville     For more information: EnergyEast@TransCanada.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
-- Following both Mayor Watson morning speech and the release of the Transportation Master Plan at 3:00 pm on October 9;  on October 17 between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm at Kanata Recreation Centre, City staff will be available to discuss and explain proposed transit, road, cycling and pedestrian networks as well as Official Plan and Infrastructure Master Plan proposals impacts on development in the Kanata – Stittsville area in particular    For more information  visit: ottawa.ca/liveableottawa/        Please send your comments to:  planning@ottawa.ca
-- As well the team reviewing the subdivision Design Guideline Study for Kanata on October 17th at the Kanata Recreation Centre from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm     This review includes the design considerations arising from lot sizes along with such matters as parking, sidewalks, street lighting, utility placement, tree planting, and snow storage issues for Kanata South and the other suburban areas -- Barrhaven and Gloucester -- outside the Greenbelt
-- Fall Give Away Weekend will be October 26 & 27    It will allow you to give away your unwanted items and to find hidden treasures in your neighbourhood      For more information visit:  http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/garbage-and-recycling/garbage-collection/giveaway-weekend
1.       Paid advertisements on KHCA website; 23 Bachman Terrace; traffic volume noise; meetings on flood mitigation on Vanstone/Belleview and on upgrading of Young’s Pond Park; overtime parking on Hearst Way and adjacent side streets; future replacement of rusted out underground electrical service to light streets as Chimo Drive; full day long service of Route #161 bus route; oppose unlimited height for high rise buildings on North side of Kanata Town Centre; design guidelines review for Kanata; intensification developers pay the cost of infrastructure  upgrades that intensification makes necessary; Kanata Avenue town centre upgrades; fenced Dog Runs;
2.  Focusing on children crossing (to Castlefrank Elementary & Holy Redeemer Catholic Elementary) Castlefrank at McCurdy North, KHCA support assistance to children crossing Castlefrank at that point         The Katimavik Elementary and Castlefrank Elementary reshuffling programs and students