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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Proposals for Breaking the Poverty Cycle

There are four changes which would contribute to “breaking the cycle” of poverty in Ontario.   These are:

a.  arrange to extend the support that is provided to welfare recipients for things like transportation, eye examination & glasses, medication and dental expenses  to those individuals and families who find low wage employment.    This financial support needs to be on the basis of declining proportion of the recipients income as income improves.   That is to say it is a transitional subsidy that ends;

b.  make available small repayable loans that will enable individuals and families to access the financial resources needed to start a money earning activity which provides the confident independence that will breaks the cycle; and

c.   provide financial support for work place skills, techniques and technology training designed to directly qualify a recipient to perform job tasks which employers need to fill immediately  on completion of the training.    We need to relate the job training to actual workforce skill shortages in the short term.    Training can even be provided on a part time basis to job holders who are part of the workforce;  and

d.   find a way to inform people who have the ability and interest to pursue University and Community College programs about those related job oriented skill sets which will be in need within the community and/or the country on completion of the programs.    Universities do not need to sacrifice education for job skills and Community Colleges do not need to abandon job skills for education, rather students and families need to become aware of the combination of education and job oriented skill sets required in the workplace.   University and College graduates, no more than welfare recipients, do not want dead end jobs.     Everyone wants to be aware that he and she are making the kind of contribution that benefits themselves and society in a substantial, self-fulfilling way.

It is important that projects such as these be supported and financed by government to establish community involvement.      However, government’s  participation needs to be an arm’s length connection and monitoring of actual provision by non-governmental organization.    The organizations designated to provide the service and finances must possess an entrepreneurial disposition towards society and its role in “breaking the poverty cycle” through these projects.