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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KHCA June 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Rod MacLean, Matthew Coburn - Long and McQuade, Maureen Taylor, Jim Badour, Laura Lafantaisie, Karun Khosla, Marc Labreche.     Regrets: Councillor Hubley, Kul Kapoor, Suzanne Talbot
The Minutes of May 6 meeting were adopted as circulated
President’s Update:   2014 Community-Wide Yard Sale will aim to increase number of locations and advertising;   proposal on 23 Bachman Terrace not available as yet;  Vanstone-Belleview flood mitigation project plans are not ready for area residents meeting;  get a file number when calling to 311.
On KHCA website:   Food Cupboard needs food donations;     Seniors Event on  June 7;    2013 Park Clean-up thank you;      Laneway rights of way policy;    Alzheimer Society AGM June 13;   WOCRC Open House June 24th;     Building A Liveable Ottawa - Une collectiv√© viable √† Ottawa - Cycling and Pedestrians www.ottawa.ca/liveableottawa by June 7;    Library Image = what do we want not want www.imagine-opl-bpo.ca  by  June 15;   Suburban Residential Driveways www.ottawa.ca/driveways  by August 16   
Residents Community Picnic will be on June 15 at Cattail Creek Park from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm; bring your own picnic meal, blanket, sun screen for family fun; first aid lined up; KHCA membership drive will continue.    It was suggested that the Association make use of the summer activity equipment available from the City during the school months.    
120 – 140 Hearst Way Site Control Plan Application (nine supporting reports and documents)for Franklin Empire – electrical retail store is       posted on City Website June 3, 2013 at file no. D07-12-13-0097
For 66 Hearst Way our guest, Matt Coburn from Long and McQuade, will be the Hearst Way store manager and is our contact person with the company mcoburn@long-mcquade.com.      Matt will look after practical matters in particular and will ensure that signage does not shine into homes and that landscaping adds to the look of the street. Also he appreciates the challenges to access onto the street represented  by vehicles parked on the street as well as on moving traffic. 
Committee of Adjustment decision to authorize severance of property at 38 – 40 Vanstone required 14 days actual notice to property owners within 60 meters because severance is defined as distinct from minor variance requests.     
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm with an informal discussion of how to increase participation in the Association
Next Meeting:      Monday,     September 9,  2013