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Thursday, May 9, 2013

KHCA April 8, 2013 Meeting MINUTES

          The Katimavik-Hazeldean Community Association
                  April 8, 2013    --   General Meeting   -   Minutes

Present:  Rod MacLean, Kul Kapoor,  Norma Strachan,  Maureen Taylor, Jim Badour, Marc Labreche, Steve Dool Kanata Kourier, Dagmar Horsman, Bill Horsman, Jyotsna Dalvi,  Michele Wright - councillor’s staff, Mitch & Judy Mazier, Suzanne Talbot, John Conroy, Susan Jones, John Hansen          Regrets: Councillor Hubley  
Rod welcomed everyone
Minutes of March 4 meeting were adopted with the recognition that Marc Labreche was chair.
President’s Update     Park Clean-up plan for Spring 2013 is to ask   residents and families to tackle litter clean-up in smaller parks and to invite nearby residents to tackle Stonegate, Escarpment/Chimo, Hewitt Park North and Watts Creek;   Order of Ottawa nominations are open until September;   Pickford Park trees that are dangerous will be removed;        66 Hearst Way arcade zoning change does not fit the neighbouring area;    EAB attack on Ash trees is a threat to 20% of Ottawa’s trees;     when calling 311 get a file number for tracing;   residents are invited to check postings on KHCA website.
Discussion of the 66 Hearst Way zoning change  focused on  the fact that an arcade does not fit into this neighbourhood nor is the arcade compatible with the proposed children’s day care.     An adult day program would be much more compatible for that location.   
In addition overflow from the Eagleson Park & Ride not only uses Hearst Way and vacant parking space at 66 Hearst Way but also interferes with emergency access to Cohen Crescent and Angus Drive
Presentation on the City’s Better Neighbourhood Grant Program by Norma Strachant   showed that the program is an opportunity to obtain the help of City staff in making improvements to the community which residents identify priority need and work together to generate a workable solution for. For the full presentation please visit WWW.KHCA.ON.CA 
Community Summer Picnic is being organized for Saturday, June 15 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Cattail Creek Park.    Residents are invited to bring a picnic lunch and blanket and enjoy the fun.    Your ideas are welcome.      A City permit authorizing parking on most of the City streets around Cattail Park has been requested.     Entertainment by acoustic performers was suggested.
Meeting   Adjourned at 8:55 pm     
Next Meeting will be:      Monday,   May 6,     2013