We encourage feedback on any and all issues of concern to residents. Please join us at our monthly meetings to discuss issues or send an email to President@khca.on.ca. We look forward to hearing your views!

Friday, May 31, 2013


STREET                                         SPECIAL ITEMS
Parsons Ridge                                      Variety of household items
Haywood Crescent                              Various
Vanstone Drive -- South End               TOYS & clothes for teen girls
Brodeur Crescent                                 Sporting equipment, toys & furniture
Herschel Crescent                                Various 
Liston Crescent                                    Variety incl. Household and Children’s items

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WOCRC Open House June 24

Invitation from Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre:

Join our board of directors, staff, and volunteers as we highlight the positive impact that WOCRC has on the western Ottawa community.
Monday, June 24, 2013
5 p.m. to 7 p.m. ...... Open House
6:15 p.m. ................. Report to the Community
2 MacNeil Court
Kanata ON
RVSP by Thursday, June 20, 2013
http://wocrccelebrates.eventbrite.ca plamondon@wocrc.ca or
613-591-3686 x 483

Joignez-vous à notre conseil d’administration, à nos employés et à nos bénévoles alors que nous soulignerons l’incidence positive du CRCOO sur la collectivité de l’ouest d’Ottawa.
le lundi 24 juin 2013
de 17 h à 19 h – Portes ouvertes
18 h 15 – Rapport à la collectivité
2, cour MacNeil
Kanata ON
RSVP d’ici le jeudi 20 juin 2013
http://wocrccelebrates.eventbrite.ca à plamondon@wocrc.ca ou
au 613-591-3686, poste 483

Torchlight Shakespearean Festival

The KHCA is pleased to share notice of this event with you:
The Merry Wives of Windsor  
Performers -- Company of Fools
Date(s) - July 3-August 17, 2013
Location(s) - Lynwood Park in August 8th and Walter Baker Park in August 9th
Time - All shows at 7PM
Cost - Pay What You Can
Website address - www.fools.ca

Seniors Month and Wellness 101 Celebrations June 7

June is Seniors’ Month and at Bayshore Home Health we are excited to recognize the achievements and ongoing contributions of seniors. We are also proud to welcome Ann Dobbins of Memory Matters and Ottawa senior extraordinaire, André Marier, to this year’s celebration. Their expertise, knowledge and real life experience may help and inspire YOU to make the most of your senior years and prolong your independence.
Graduates of 60 plus and going strong: Wellness 101, as well as friends, neighbors and family members are all invited to join in this celebration. No cost to attend, but advance registration required. Reserve your space today!

Information resources on site:
Age Friendly Ottawa, Community Care Access Centre, City of Ottawa and others.
Your host: Bayshore Home Health
Making a difference in our client’s lives – every visit, every time.

Seniors Month and Wellness 101 Celebration!
Friday, June 7th
9:00 am – noon
Ben Franklin Place Chambers
101 Centrepointe Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2G 5K7

Registration begins at 8:30AM
First speaker at 10AM. Free parking.
Advanced registration required.
Contact Jennifer at 613.323.3188
or email jmay@bayshore.ca


City of Ottawa Laneway Policy

The treatment of laneways and easements was before Committees: Transportation on April 3 and Planning of April 9, and was passed today (April 24) by Council.   There are 64 kilometres of rear lanes, typically “owned” by city, some in use and some encroached upon. Or some section(s) of a seemingly contiguous laneway may be privately owned.
At some point, the city might want the laneways for infrastructure purposes. Where a section of land has been encroached upon, staff recommends an annual fee for use, and an agreement to remove barriers if/when needed – cost born by resident;     

KHCA Thanks Residents for Parks Clean-up

The Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association would like to thank all of our residents who contributed to the clean-up of all of our City Parks.   We had tremendous participation by families and individuals who generously tackled Rowe, Davis McGibbon, Katimavik Park North, Larsen, Pickford, Young’s Pond, Dunlop, Gesner and Hazeldean Woods.  In addition, we wish to acknowledge the energetic groups of neighbours who came together to clean-up Cattail Creek, Brodeur, Watts Creek and Hewitt Park North. Furthermore we wish to thank the adults and Christina, Caitlyn, Andrew, Sophia and Jackson who all pitched in to clean-up Sewell Park  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Castlefrank Rd closed this weekend

There are signs on Castlefrank Road announcing the segment from Hazeldean to Kakulu will be closed from 7pm this Friday to Sunday.  This is presumably related to the installation of the watermain through the Castlefrank / Hazeldean intersection, part of the Hazeldean Road Watermain Upgrade.

If you are aware of any additional information (or link to an informative webpage) on this weekend's closure, please consider sharing it in the comments below.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

KHCA April 8, 2013 Meeting MINUTES

          The Katimavik-Hazeldean Community Association
                  April 8, 2013    --   General Meeting   -   Minutes

Present:  Rod MacLean, Kul Kapoor,  Norma Strachan,  Maureen Taylor, Jim Badour, Marc Labreche, Steve Dool Kanata Kourier, Dagmar Horsman, Bill Horsman, Jyotsna Dalvi,  Michele Wright - councillor’s staff, Mitch & Judy Mazier, Suzanne Talbot, John Conroy, Susan Jones, John Hansen          Regrets: Councillor Hubley  
Rod welcomed everyone
Minutes of March 4 meeting were adopted with the recognition that Marc Labreche was chair.
President’s Update     Park Clean-up plan for Spring 2013 is to ask   residents and families to tackle litter clean-up in smaller parks and to invite nearby residents to tackle Stonegate, Escarpment/Chimo, Hewitt Park North and Watts Creek;   Order of Ottawa nominations are open until September;   Pickford Park trees that are dangerous will be removed;        66 Hearst Way arcade zoning change does not fit the neighbouring area;    EAB attack on Ash trees is a threat to 20% of Ottawa’s trees;     when calling 311 get a file number for tracing;   residents are invited to check postings on KHCA website.
Discussion of the 66 Hearst Way zoning change  focused on  the fact that an arcade does not fit into this neighbourhood nor is the arcade compatible with the proposed children’s day care.     An adult day program would be much more compatible for that location.   
In addition overflow from the Eagleson Park & Ride not only uses Hearst Way and vacant parking space at 66 Hearst Way but also interferes with emergency access to Cohen Crescent and Angus Drive
Presentation on the City’s Better Neighbourhood Grant Program by Norma Strachant   showed that the program is an opportunity to obtain the help of City staff in making improvements to the community which residents identify priority need and work together to generate a workable solution for. For the full presentation please visit WWW.KHCA.ON.CA 
Community Summer Picnic is being organized for Saturday, June 15 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Cattail Creek Park.    Residents are invited to bring a picnic lunch and blanket and enjoy the fun.    Your ideas are welcome.      A City permit authorizing parking on most of the City streets around Cattail Park has been requested.     Entertainment by acoustic performers was suggested.
Meeting   Adjourned at 8:55 pm     
Next Meeting will be:      Monday,   May 6,     2013  

KHCA Western Light Rail Train Corridor Submission

                                     Western Light Rail Train Corridor
The corridor chosen to connect Bayview Station and Baseline Station with Western Light Rail Train planning has an important and significant impact on the lives of Kanata residents and the City of Ottawa as a whole.     It costs more to construct the Carling Avenue line which reduces the resources available for other projects.      The fact that Bayshore/Kanata/Stittsville passengers board already full trains from Baseline Station means “standing room only” service on longer trips along Carling Avenue – leads to an early traffic gridlock in Ottawa as  more residents choose to drive their cars.  
The Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association requests that City of Ottawa Staff and City of Ottawa Councillors ensure that the route from Tunney’s Pasture Station to Cleary Road and along Richmond Road/Byron Avenue to Lincoln Fields Station identified by City Staff as the “Preferred Recommendation” to City Council be defended and selected as the final route chosen by the City and the National Capital Commission.
From the proposal to simply construct a second phase of the LRT from Bayview to Baseline we are to be relegated to standing from Lincoln Fields to downtown as we are bussed to the Lincoln Fields Station to board LRT trains that originate in at Baseline Station and in which passengers from Barrhaven and the Baseline/Centrepointe area are already seated.   
The project needs to include at a minimum the construction of LRT service to Bayshore Station/Moodie Station as well as to Baseline.      A person cannot be expected to happily switch from private cars or to continue using OC Transpo service in order to stand in crowded trains.
A similar approach applies to the routing of Bayview Station to Baseline Station service on Carling Avenue which has been reported as meaning the increase in trip times, the increase in the number of trains to provide the required level of service to meet demand.
In particular,  even should there use of Carling Avenue increase in the trip time to just ten minutes involve per trip -  the Carling Avenue routing would annually cost the economy $300 million in 2012 Dollars by 2031 when the WLRT is projected to start service.    The total annual cost is based on the projected passenger volumes of 50,000 trips week days in each direction over 200 days and an additional 20% for the remainder 165 days of the year, at a value of $40. per hour.
The additional capital spending on extra train cars is based on need to have an additional train for every three minutes of extra travel time imposed on travellers by the Carling Avenue route to accommodate the same demand.
In short there are five factors to be included in Councillors choices.   First is the   considerable additional construction cost of the Carling Avenue route as compared with the preferred Byron/Richmond/Cleary route.     Second, there is annual $300 Million (2012 dollars) in lost travel time by 2031 even with ten minutes extra travel time per trip.    Third, there will need to be a greater capital cost to provide more trains.   Fourth, the failure to connect at least to Bayshore/Moodie area imposes “standing room only” burdens on all residents living West of Lincoln Fields Station including Kanata residents.  
Finally increased trip times means the loss of ridership that is directly produced by the actual and comparative travel time when transit trip time is contrasted with car travel time.    To the extent transit trip time favours car travel the longer transit trip time produces more pollution.   Clearly the result causes automobile congestion and eventually having commuters trade off rush hour gridlock against transit to the extent that adjustment in trip mode is seen as reasonably possible.    Simply put increased transit trip times means Ottawa can expect unnecessarily early arrival of gridlock on Ottawa’s roads.    Extending the Light Rail Train service into Kanata/Stittsville, Barrhaven and Orleans is a much more appropriate use of City resources than having light rail trains on Carling Avenue.
May 3, 2013
Rod MacLean
Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association
Keeping Neighbourliness Easy