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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Minutes of KHCA March 4, 2013 Meeting

Present:   Marc Labreche VP, chaired meeting, Kul Kapoor, Suraj Harish, Make Gangal, Byron Milliere,  Abdoz Nouraeyan, Charles Wu, Patrick Lee,  Suzanne Talbot, Michelle Wright (Councillor’s Staff), Alana Lavoie, Wing Ling, Jim Mahoney, Jim White, Kim Chong, John Ames and G. Koleyni.            Regrets: Rod MacLean, Councillor Hubley
Minutes of KHCA February 4 meeting were adopted
Fenced Dog Runs      Lorna presented Seattle pictures but could not easily be seen by everyone.     She will send the pictures to KHCA so we can share them.     The six residents present , who owned dogs, also offered similar example of fenced dog runs such as Kingston’s which is in a city park with road access.    A good opportunity to raise awareness of the need for more fenced dog runs, could come through both the Ottawa Kennel Club and the Bytown Kennel Clubs that setup kiosks at Kemptville dog show in the Fall.      Michelle suggested reaching out to other Community Associations to collaborate on this issue, and that Bridlewood CA would likely be interested.
Vanstone-Belleview           Because of the general feeling was displeasure and anxiety about where things were going, the councillor and KHCA president were asked to set up an informal meeting with Vanstone-Belleview residents as quickly as possible to see/hear the flood mitigation plan and ask questions and provide feedback.       The problem Number One with the next phase of Flood Mitigation in Belleview Area is that very many residents of the approximately 150 homes in the Vanstone-Belleview area want to discuss with City officials what is (or has been planned) for the upcoming Phase 2 of the work.     Residents want to address such matters as trouble spots, the need for concrete curbs, and the need to improve maintenance of the culverts and catch basins (snow removal and steam cleaning of the grates) as was once the practice.        A lot of survey work was done last Fall to prepare for reinvigorating the ditches and ensuring that all culverts are large enough by replacing the too small culverts.     Second coat of paving is expected as part of the City’s local improvement tax ($2,500) once all the lots had been developed.     Residents were encouraged to take dated pictures and reminded to report any dangerous situations to 311.    
Community Picnic        Suzanne Talbot is organizing a community picnic and needs volunteers to help.  The Picnic will be on Saturday, June 15(rain date Sunday June 16).       The theme of the first annual community picnic is:  Play!
Various        If there are Katimavik Hazeldean pathways within 600 meters of bus stops that are not being cleared of snow they should let us know because the  pathway  which lead to bus stops should be being cleared of snow.     Michelle Wright noted that Councillor Hubley’s next Meet and Greet Breakfast will be at Don Cherry’s on Saturday, April 6 from 9 to 11am.     Proceeds will go to the Kanata Food Cupboard.                                                                                                       Michelle also pointed out that the Ottawa Police Service has issued the attached Alert on door to door salespersons.    ((The Alert states that some door to door salespersons in the Stittsville-Kanata area have been using aggressive techniques and questionable tactics.   If you ask them to leave your property and they do not leave, please call Police at 613-230-6211.))                                                                                                                           
Meeting Adjourned at 9:20 pm.
Next KHCA Meeting:   Monday, April 8, 2013