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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Highlights from Councillor Hubley's e-newsletter for Q1 2013

On March 4, the Transportation Committee focused on the proposal for Downtown Moves: Transforming Ottawa’s Streets. Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit is scheduled to begin operation in 2018. The idea behind the Downtown Moves Study is to provide a plan for how people will move through Ottawa’s downtown once LRT decreases bus activity in the downtown core from 2,600 to 600 buses daily.
I was disappointed to see that a report costing over half a million dollars provided no detail on how many parking spots would be lost. I want to be certain that Kanata taxpayers are getting good value for their hard earned tax dollars. The fact is that most people travelling from Kanata to downtown will travel by car, and I don’t want to see cycling lanes replace the parking spots you rely on. I will not support projects coming out of the Downtown Moves report until I know exactly how much it will cost, and what impact it will have on people driving from Kanata.

City of Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services are reporting an increase in the number of parking tickets being issued in Kanata on a complaint driven basis.
On street parking is permitted for up to 3 hours only between 7am to 7pm under City of Ottawa Parking Regulations of BY-LAW 2003-530.
If cars on the street are blocking emergency vehicle access or preventing garbage trucks and buses from passing, we have a problem that affects the whole area. Frequent issues on a street can lead to the street being designated “No Parking” so please remind visitors to be respectful of your neighbours.
As well, you must allow at least 1.5 metres from a driveway when parking on the street.
The information link below contains more in depth information relating to all the Parking Regulations:
Safety Tip
We have received reports of issues with residents being approached by aggressive door-to-door sales people. Please make sure to check the City of Ottawa’s Residential Protective Plumbing Program website for more information when approached by door to door sales representatives offering quotes on protective plumbing work for your home.

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