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Friday, March 15, 2013

Zoning Change Proposed for 66 Hearst Way

Two excerpts from proposal to amend the City Zoning By-law for 66 Hearst Way are set on these two pages.   Please advise KHCA of any concerns before April 4, 2013.

Detailed Proposed Changes to 66 Hearst Way in Zoning By-law Amendment at  Ottawa.ca     (File No. : D02-02-13-0017) are set out as

The existing building is partially occupied by a Dufresne Furniture store. The Owners wish to reconfigure the interior floor area and lease approximately 2000 m2 of the building to Kids Kingdom who will operate a day care and family entertainment centre. While some of the floor space will be allocated exclusively for day care or entertainment centre usage, some areas such as staff rooms and office areas will serve both components. The soft play area will be the main attraction of the family fun centre, however, it will be utilized by the day care during weekdays when the fun centre is operating at minimal capacity. This arrangement offers the ability to provide an upscale child care service with physical activity incorporated into the curriculum. It also allows for greater efficiencies in the operation by enabling the floor space and play equipment to be used seven days a week. The family entertainment centre will include a Café/ Snack Bar, Party Rooms and an arcade. No changes to the site are intended other than the introduction of an outdoor activity area in the easterly side yard. Along these lines, a 225 m2 area will be fenced for outdoor play.
Concurrent with the reconfiguration of the interior floor space, the owners will be introducing a 1100 m2 music store into the building. As ancillary component, the music store will offer music lessons. This use is permitted under the current zoning. The furniture store is expected to occupy a reduced floor area or be replaced with other uses such as offices which are permitted under the existing zoning.
The site contains a total of 143 parking spaces which is sufficient to accommodate the parking generated by these uses.

 Zoning By-law Amendment itself is described as
It is proposed that the property be zoned IL1[XXXX], an exception zone which will retain all the existing permitted uses and provisions and add “day care” and “amusement centre” as permitted uses. The proposed family fun centre is considered to be an amusement centre pursuant to By-law 2008-250. This use is defined as “… an indoor entertainment facility providing for amusement, diversion or pastime including a video game or pinball arcade; bingo hall; bowling alley; billiard hall or pool hall.” Day care is also a defined use under the Zoning By-law and is described as “…a place providing temporary care for any individual for a continuous period not exceeding twenty-four hours…”
No other exceptions to the zone are being requested.