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Friday, March 15, 2013

Comments to Official PLan Review

So as to ensure that the Official Plan Review actually leads the City of Ottawa to achieving the sort of improved Liveable Ottawa that most residents want to enjoy in the community where they live not just  at some future time, what is good about life in 2013 has to preserved and continued.    Four more steps adjustments required.

First Step:   Have actual rapid transit that is rapid in getting people where they want to go.
Problem:   The City proposes to ensure that congestion as the way to compel commuters to use transit, to cycle and to walk.   Past experience has shown that people expect to experience the reward of being able to resume unfettered choice when the obvious need to restrain activity ends.      Certainly we will adjust what we do accommodate construction of the LRT Confederation line.      
Avoiding future street improvements will encounter population growth which will generate its own increased traffic.   The City has spent over $300 million dollars on roads which invite use.    Moreover, the City removed $17 million dollars from the OC Transpo budget.        

Second Step:    Add senior friendly facilities throughout City Parks and make City parks generally more attractive so as to make Ottawa an age friendly city.
Problem:   Seniors, or Older Adults, may not be able to walk through a park without rests.    Just as the City installs play structures in City parks for our children and ball diamonds, soccer pitches, football fields and arenas, which is great.   The City needs to install physical facilities which accommodate the energy levels of the chronologically gifted.

Third Step:    Make the Official Plan a Prescriptive Statement
Problem:   The wording the Official Plan must be transformed from vague or convoluted into clear specifications that allow welcoming communities to become eyesores where nobody wants to live.    In order to the fabric of our communities and still have those communities continue while change happens.        Ottawa’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law need to identify the details of what may be built so that there is no doubt about what a building permit may be issued for.   No spot zoning change needed.    No expensive appeal to the OMB needed.    No community aggravation and frustration to cope with.   

 Fourth Step:   Provide residents with the time to read the documents and absorb City proposals.
Problem:   Suddenly the City has come to a situation where it presents a proposal in depth and allows perhaps a couple of weeks during which residents may attempt to appreciate thick documents before a decision is finalized by City Council.     Municipal services directly impact what we do every day.     Democracy is much too important to be relegated to one single day every 1461 days