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Friday, March 29, 2013

DiscoverRec: April 2013 | Bulletin Loisirs : avril 201

                                                      DiscoverRec: April 2013
For more information, please visit:  discoverrec@ottawa.ca 

                                       Bulletin Loisirs : avril 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Community Breakfast for Kanata Food Cupboard

Councillor Hubley will be hosting a community breakfast at Don Cherry’s Bar and Grill on Saturday, April 6 2013, featuring celebrated journalist and Sun TV personality Brian Lilley as a guest speaker. The cost will be $15.00 per person with all net proceeds being donated to the Kanata Food Cupboard. The breakfast will go from 9:00-11:00am.

Adapted from http://councillorallanhubley.ca as of March 14, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Minutes KHCA Feb. 4, 2013 Meeting

Present: Rod MacLean, Councillor Hubley, Nathalie Lavasseur (Councillor’s staff), Kul Kapoor,  Suraj Harish, Marc Labreche, Susan Jones.

Minutes of December 3, 2012 KHCA meeting were adopted.
Councillor Hubley began his report with an elaboration on the communication in the December 3rd KHCA meeting minutes
1.  Are the results of the Eagleson Pedestrian Safety Survey available?     Our Councillor reported that there will be space protected from traffic established on the South side median so that pedestrians may wait midway rather than having to completely cross from one side of Eagleson to the other.    T he fencing will remain to restrict random crossing of Eagleson Road in that area.       As well there has been a rearrangement of snow removal which has opened 30 parking spaces in the Park & Ride and should ease parking difficulties.
2.  Has the report on the May 3rd traffic count at the Castlefrank/Tamblyn & McCurdy intersection been released?             Councillor Hubley reported that the space available at the Tamblyn-McCurdy intersection does not allow the construction of a full size round-about.     Further a small round-about which consists of lines painted on the street surface – would raise major vehicle and pedestrian safety concerns.         After reiterating that intersection traffic volume only meets 90% of the requirements for signalization, Councillor Hubley reported that he is working with City staff to determine whether erecting an additional light at the Northwest Corner of the intersection would assist pedestrians and drivers.        The lack of adequate lighting at that area was specified as a lack at the Northwest corner by one of a number of replies to a KHCA circular on pedestrian safety at the Tamblyn-McCurdy intersection on Castlefrank.            
3.  Now that the flood mitigation project from Belleview on to Barrow Crescent is completed, what is the status of the Vanstone & Belleview area flood mitigation project?      Councillor Hubley indicated that if residents could provide him with official documents the local improvement tax collected by the City of Kanata for regarding the paving in the Belleview-Vanstone area he would present them to staff for further investigation.       Residents pointed out that the Standards of Service requirements include providing the second coat of paving on the Belleview-Vanstone area streets.    
There was a project undertaken this past summer to construct a new stormwater overland flow route from Belleview Drive/Vanstone Drive via Barrow Crescent.      All the work on this project was been completed  – except for installing a post in the middle of the Belleview-Kakulu pathway to prevent vehicles from using the path and small berms to keep water away from nearby homes.          The 2013 project will be re-grading and re-instating the ditches along Vanstone Drive, Belleview Drive, Oakview Road and Pineview Road to improve overland conveyance of stormwater.  The existing culverts will be upsized and replaced where necessary. 
 4.  Has there been any progress on to letter requesting intensification developments “pay the cost of infrastructure upgrades that intensification would make necessary”?        Copies of the original documents were resent and extent of progress is being investigated.    The  matter of development fees is to be taken up in 2014.
5.  Did the recreation department respond to the proposal for a pathway from Kakulu about Barrow West to Pickard Park?          From the PM, ROW Information and Approvals:    The parkland between Pickford and Kakulu is City owned Park.        From Transportation:    This pathway, while a nice park amenity, would provide only marginal pedestrian transportation benefit over the existing sidewalks on Kakulu and Pickford.  It is not a facility we would pursue from a Transportation Planning perspective as it would be recreational in nature.      Answer from Recreation is still pending.
6.  Has the date and time of the meeting on upgrading Young’s Pond Park been set?       There will be more work on the liner next spring, and a meeting will be set after that work.   Also the City is organizing to drill down to water beneath the park.
The following items were reiterated.     Concern that hedges at the intersection of Belleview Drive with Pickford Road  restrict a driver’s vision onto Pickford and that water collects on Belleview close to that intersection and becomes ice on Belleview has been referred to City staff.   That there is a missing section of sidewalk on the North side of Kakulu Road between Pickford Road and Eagleson Road has been passed on to appropriate City staff.     The gap in street lighting on Chimo Drive where Cattail Park and Larsen Park meet either side of Chimo Drive has been referred to City staff.    The request for a sidewalk from the Shearer Park Bus Stop to Drainie Drive is also being assessed by City staff  
New items raised were:    As some refinements have been made to the Route Optimization changes across the City Councillor Hubley will ask OC Transpo to determine that all residents in the Pickford West area are within 600 meters of Express Bus Service.     
The building once occupied Colonial Furniture is to receive new businesses in the near future so expansion of the Eagleson Park and Ride in that direction is not likely.      
Councillor Hubley indicated that there will be a Kanata meeting on Building A Liveable Ottawa 2013 at which concern about potential of vacant lots becoming opportunities for building high density infill locations.     Because of the capacity of infrastructure installed by the former City of Kanata, the possibility of intense developments in Kanata South is not as likely as it has been in Kanata North.     The inconsistencies between the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law are to be corrected during the Official Plan review process to clarify the limitations imposed by existing infrastructure.
Former Councillor Feltmate’s acceptance of the intense development between Highway 417 and Compeau Drive from the Hydro Corridor to Kanata Avenue has been interpreted to limit LRT service to Kanata North.        Councillor Hubley expects that LRT service will not reach Kanata until sometime beyond 2031 because of the challenges in getting Transitway constructed to Moodie Drive and Highway 417.   
Snow clearing from pathways within 600 meters of bus stops is now being done because they are accessed in directions as a result of Route Optimization changes to OC Transpo bus service.  
The funds been authorized for the new East bound ramp from the Scotiabank Park and Ride location on to  Highway 417 just the weather  in the 2013 construction season will affect its construction
Connecting the paved east-west pathway in Larsen Park with a pathway extension to Eagleson Road proposed to run South of the Shell Service Station Carwash and North of the adjacent school property is to be assessed.     
President’s Update:   KHCA Christmas Holiday Season Home Lights “Lighten the Night” awards party on January 7th the Home Depot Canada Ltd. were accepted by our three top winning homeowners and Hazeldean Mall prize was accepted by one of our special mention homeowners;      Young’s Pond outdoor rink Community Skating Party will be on Sunday, February 17, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm and Katimavik Elementary School outdoor rinks host a neighbours skating party on Sunday, February 24;      Councillor Hubley’s  March 6th  Women’s Day celebration in Salon A Kanata Rec Centre from 6:30 to 9:00 pm;      KHCA website has links to --  1. City of Ottawa SUMMER Employment (open to Feb 7th );   2. Official Plan Reviews - Building a liveable Ottawa 2031 –including proposals and ONLINE SURVEY until March 1st and    3. City March Break Camps registration.
Financial Update:   The burden of monthly service charges is reduced by placing funds in short term certificates.  The first instalment grants for Katimavik Hazeldean outdoor rink of $975 has been received and $650 transmitted to the KES Parent’s Council.   KHCA has had expenditures of $134.51 to date.   This included $12.00 for repairs to Young’s Pond hockey net, $24.05 towards the gas cost of 2012 Lighten the Night judging tour and $25 towards the gas cost of the 2011 tour and 23.66 for printing and $49.80 for Tim Hortons refreshments at the 2012 Lighten the Night awards party.    The KHCA current operations balance of $149.19 with $15 petty cash.
The Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.
 Next KHCA Meeting:         Monday,       March 4,      2013   

Friday, March 15, 2013

Zoning Change Proposed for 66 Hearst Way

Two excerpts from proposal to amend the City Zoning By-law for 66 Hearst Way are set on these two pages.   Please advise KHCA of any concerns before April 4, 2013.

Detailed Proposed Changes to 66 Hearst Way in Zoning By-law Amendment at  Ottawa.ca     (File No. : D02-02-13-0017) are set out as

The existing building is partially occupied by a Dufresne Furniture store. The Owners wish to reconfigure the interior floor area and lease approximately 2000 m2 of the building to Kids Kingdom who will operate a day care and family entertainment centre. While some of the floor space will be allocated exclusively for day care or entertainment centre usage, some areas such as staff rooms and office areas will serve both components. The soft play area will be the main attraction of the family fun centre, however, it will be utilized by the day care during weekdays when the fun centre is operating at minimal capacity. This arrangement offers the ability to provide an upscale child care service with physical activity incorporated into the curriculum. It also allows for greater efficiencies in the operation by enabling the floor space and play equipment to be used seven days a week. The family entertainment centre will include a Café/ Snack Bar, Party Rooms and an arcade. No changes to the site are intended other than the introduction of an outdoor activity area in the easterly side yard. Along these lines, a 225 m2 area will be fenced for outdoor play.
Concurrent with the reconfiguration of the interior floor space, the owners will be introducing a 1100 m2 music store into the building. As ancillary component, the music store will offer music lessons. This use is permitted under the current zoning. The furniture store is expected to occupy a reduced floor area or be replaced with other uses such as offices which are permitted under the existing zoning.
The site contains a total of 143 parking spaces which is sufficient to accommodate the parking generated by these uses.

 Zoning By-law Amendment itself is described as
It is proposed that the property be zoned IL1[XXXX], an exception zone which will retain all the existing permitted uses and provisions and add “day care” and “amusement centre” as permitted uses. The proposed family fun centre is considered to be an amusement centre pursuant to By-law 2008-250. This use is defined as “… an indoor entertainment facility providing for amusement, diversion or pastime including a video game or pinball arcade; bingo hall; bowling alley; billiard hall or pool hall.” Day care is also a defined use under the Zoning By-law and is described as “…a place providing temporary care for any individual for a continuous period not exceeding twenty-four hours…”
No other exceptions to the zone are being requested. 

Comments to Official PLan Review

So as to ensure that the Official Plan Review actually leads the City of Ottawa to achieving the sort of improved Liveable Ottawa that most residents want to enjoy in the community where they live not just  at some future time, what is good about life in 2013 has to preserved and continued.    Four more steps adjustments required.

First Step:   Have actual rapid transit that is rapid in getting people where they want to go.
Problem:   The City proposes to ensure that congestion as the way to compel commuters to use transit, to cycle and to walk.   Past experience has shown that people expect to experience the reward of being able to resume unfettered choice when the obvious need to restrain activity ends.      Certainly we will adjust what we do accommodate construction of the LRT Confederation line.      
Avoiding future street improvements will encounter population growth which will generate its own increased traffic.   The City has spent over $300 million dollars on roads which invite use.    Moreover, the City removed $17 million dollars from the OC Transpo budget.        

Second Step:    Add senior friendly facilities throughout City Parks and make City parks generally more attractive so as to make Ottawa an age friendly city.
Problem:   Seniors, or Older Adults, may not be able to walk through a park without rests.    Just as the City installs play structures in City parks for our children and ball diamonds, soccer pitches, football fields and arenas, which is great.   The City needs to install physical facilities which accommodate the energy levels of the chronologically gifted.

Third Step:    Make the Official Plan a Prescriptive Statement
Problem:   The wording the Official Plan must be transformed from vague or convoluted into clear specifications that allow welcoming communities to become eyesores where nobody wants to live.    In order to the fabric of our communities and still have those communities continue while change happens.        Ottawa’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law need to identify the details of what may be built so that there is no doubt about what a building permit may be issued for.   No spot zoning change needed.    No expensive appeal to the OMB needed.    No community aggravation and frustration to cope with.   

 Fourth Step:   Provide residents with the time to read the documents and absorb City proposals.
Problem:   Suddenly the City has come to a situation where it presents a proposal in depth and allows perhaps a couple of weeks during which residents may attempt to appreciate thick documents before a decision is finalized by City Council.     Municipal services directly impact what we do every day.     Democracy is much too important to be relegated to one single day every 1461 days