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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DiscoverRec -February // Bulletin loisirs - fevrier

DiscoverRec: The latest news on recreation and culture programs, services, memberships and events!
Bulletin loisirs : Votre source d'information pour être au fait des dernières nouvelles sur les programmes, les services, les inscriptions et les activités liés aux loisirs et à la culture!

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services
Questions or comments? discoverrec@ottawa.ca

Service des parcs, des loisirs et de la culture
Questions ou commentaires? discoverrec@ottawa.ca

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Parking Restriction Lifted | Interdiction de stationner est levée

January 29, 2013
Le 29 janvier, 2013
Issued at 7:50 a.m. / Émis à 07h50
City of Ottawa
Ville d'Ottawa

Overnight parking restriction lifted

L'interdiction de stationner la nuit est levée

Monday, January 28, 2013

Parking Restriction | Interdiction de stationner

January 28, 2013
Le 28 janvier, 2013
Issued at 9:10 a.m. / Émis à 09h10
City of Ottawa
Ville d'Ottawa

Overnight parking restriction in effect

Environment Canada has forecast snow accumulation of 7 cm or more for the Ottawa area. As a result, overnight parking restrictions are now in effect from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. across Ottawa. This overnight parking restriction will remain in effect until the City announces it has been lifted.
During an overnight parking restriction, vehicles are banned from parking on any city street so that crews can clear them easily and effectively. Vehicles that remain parked on the street during an overnight parking restriction will be ticketed. On-street parking permit holders are exempt from this restriction.
The City of Ottawa's priority for snow clearing is to ensure that streets are clear and safe for motorists, public transit, pedestrians and cyclists.
For more winter parking information, please visit Winter Parking ( http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?51of8-6qvme-g0trbz1&_v=2 ) or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).

L'interdiction de stationner la nuit est en vigueur

Environnement Canada a prévu une accumulation d'au moins 7 cm de neige dans la région d'Ottawa. Par conséquent, il est actuellement interdit de laisser des véhicules stationnés dans les rues de la ville entre 1 h et 7 h du matin. Cette interdiction demeurera en vigueur jusqu'à ce que la Ville annonce qu'elle a été levée.
Nous tenons à rappeler aux résidents que lorsque l'interdiction de stationner la nuit est en vigueur, il n'est pas permis de laisser des véhicules en stationnement dans les rues de la ville. Cette mesure vise à donner la possibilité aux équipes de déneigement de déblayer les rues facilement et efficacement. Les propriétaires de véhicules garés dans les rues alors que les restrictions relatives au stationnement de nuit en hiver sont en vigueur recevront une contravention. L'interdiction ne s'applique pas aux titulaires de permis de stationnement sur rue.
La priorité de la Ville d'Ottawa, pour ce qui concerne le déneigement, consiste à s'assurer que les rues sont dégagées et sécuritaires pour les automobilistes, les véhicules de transport en commun, les piétons et les cyclistes.
Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur les restrictions relatives au stationnement de nuit en hiver, visitez Stationnement en hiver ( http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?51of8-6qvmf-g0trbz2&_v=2 ) ou composez le 3-1-1 (ATS : 613-580-2401).

City of Ottawa | Ville d'Ottawa
110 Laurier Ave. W. | 110, avenue Laurier Ouest
Ottawa Ontario K1P 1J1

Sunday, January 27, 2013

City March Break Activities 2013 Conge du mois de mars

The City of Ottawa organizes a range of camps during March Beak (March 11-16 2013) for details please visit March Break 2013

The March Break 2013 page   page provides a complete listing of camps which are provided by certified and enthusiastic staff who follow the five High Five Principles   The camps use recreation and culture facilities, skating  rinks and swimming pools in your neighbourhood and  also include specialty camps for the budding athlete and the youthful artist

The City  March Break 2013 page website also provides registration forms  for program enrolment and for medication administration request

Veuillez cliquer ici afin de consultez les programmes de Conge du mois de mars 2013

Du bricolage aux sports, la Ville d’Ottawa a de nombreuses activités à proposer à votre famille durant la semaine du 11 au 15 mars dans ses installations récréatives et culturelles, ses piscines et ses arénas.

Ces bricolages aurons lieux aux Centre des Arts Shenkman – 613-580-2787;  Côte-de-Sable – 613-564-1062; Bob-MacQuarrie-Orléans – 613-824-0819; et Ray-Friel – 613-830-2747

Les personneles sont acreditees des principles de High Five

Les formulaires à remplir sont les suivants :

Les formulaires à remplir sont les suivants :

Library Services While Beaverbrook Branch Exapnded

While the Beaverbrook Library Branch closes for expansion into The West District Library on February 19

Alternate Service will be provided through a Depot open for the regular Beaverbrook Library Hours in the Beaverbrook Centre at 2 Beaverbrook Road beginning on February 21.    For the details of depot service please click Beaverbrook

Full branch library services will continue to be provided at theHazeldean,  Stittsville 
and Bell Corners – Centennial branches

Beaverbrook regular programs will be available at Hazeldean Branch with additional programs at the Depot beginning in April 2013-01-27
Special Collections
The French and Arabic materials as well as a part of the Russian and Chinese collections will continue to be available at the Hazeldean Branch
The Kanata Room Collection and most of the Chinese Collection will continue to be available at  the Stittsville Branch

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pedestrians and Castlefrank at Tamblyn-McCurdy

Replies to the email on January 17 about Pedestrians and the Castlefrank at Tamblyn/McCurdy Intersection are posted below.  Ten Replies were posted here on Jan 21 with two added on Jan 25 and one on Jan 27

For easy reference, the email was:
Subject: Pedestrians at Castlefrank and Tamblyn/ McCurdy Intersection 
Good Evening
What are your views on pedestrians crossing Castlefrank at the Tamblyn/McCurdy intersection?
Are pedestrians not easily able to cross from the East side of Castlefrank to the West Side of Castlefrank because during evening rush hour many drivers do not stop at the intersection?  
 Have cars nearly missed pedestrians, who merely attempted to cross the road?
 What has been your experience?     
 What changes, if any, would you want to make crossing Castlefrank Road at the Tamblyn/McCurdy and Castlefrank intersection safer for pedestrians?

Let us know by emailing me at president@khca.on.ca 
 OR adding your Comments on our KHCA “News and Views” Page when visiting  http://www.khca.on.ca/


1.      1.        I  have observed:
+ a few near misses (2 or 3), that were uncomfortably close. But a miss is a miss.
+Traffic in the intersection is more aggressive during rush hour.
+ It is crossable, but when presented with a choice, I schedule my crossings to avoid a rush hour.

My recommendation is for an overhead pedestrian light. This will inform the car backlog why traffic is not progressing to limit road rage (perhaps).
I live on Parsons Ridge (North) and don't appreciate drivers that use my street to avoid the four way stop and back log.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice an opinion,
Stephen McIntyre
Jan. 17, 7:58 pm.

      2..          Just this afternoon I was getting a ride home as the evening rush hour was heating up when I had to warn the driver about a pedestrian trying to cross Castlefrank on the south side of that intersection. The driver is a careful, skilful driver but I don't think he realized the pedestrian was crossing as we were about to turn left onto McCurdy. No harm done, but I suppose there could have been. It is, indeed, an intersection where pedestrians have to be very careful. In December, when the light has disappeared before many people have made it home, I can imagine it must be a nightmare for pedestrians.
Having said all that, I don't have any suggestion. I suppose traffic lights would be an improvement for pedestrians. The lights at Castlefrank and Kakulu inspire confidence, but for all I know that confidence may be misplaced.
Brian Haddon
Jan. 17, 9:13 pm.


3.      This is a corner where I have witnessed a number of people running through the stop sign. It is a very clearly marked 4 way stop and yet on a number of occasions I have seen drivers ignore the stop sign. I have only seen this occur with the drivers heading south on Castlefrank. However, it doesn't mean it is not happening from the other directions as well.
It is an area where I feel those drivers crossing Castlefrank must be extra diligent so that they don't get slammed into.
I suppose one solution would be to put in lights, but I am quite sure that would only happen depending on the amount of traffic going through here. Perhaps a larger stop sign would be useful at least on a short term basis. The oversize stop sign that was at the corner of Kakulu and Castlefrank (before lights were put in) did seem to remind drivers of the need to stop (not just slow down or ignore completely). 
 I do hope that someone comes up with a viable solution to this problem.
 Jeanne Joinette
Jan. 17, 10:15 pm

      4.    I regularly cross Castlefrank at that intersection when out on my walks and have had no problems in doing so.
I find that the most important thing for a pedestrian crossing streets is to clearly signal intentionality.  A pedestrian just standing at the crosswalk confuses me as a driver as to what that person plans to do.
So I wait until cars are stopped or about to and stick out my arm as I cross Castlefrank.  This gives drivers the clear signal they need.
On the whole drivers are good at stopping at this intersection - yes there are a lot of rolling "stops" - and I've yet to see anyone just drive through without stopping.
Pedestrians should think about adopting the "arm-out" signal at all crossings for their and drivers' sakes.
Barry Read
Jan 18, 9:34 am. 

      5.      I don't think there are any issues with East/West pedestrians crossing at rush hour. I have gripes about pedestrian behaviour but nothing that the city can change.
Jan. 17, 5:12 pm

Thanks Gerry
Are there issues with North-South pedestrians on either side on Castlefrank at the Tamblyn–McCurdy intersection?
I appreciate that pedestrian behaviour can be “gripeable”?
Jan 18, 2:35 pm

Again, I tend to think not. I don't think you can put in infrastructure to substitute for awareness and etiquette.
Jan18, 8:12 pm

6.      6.     I regularly cross Castlefrank at that intersection when out on my walks and have had no problems in doing so.
I find that the most important thing for a pedestrian crossing streets is to clearly signal intentionality.  A pedestrian just standing at the crosswalk confuses me as a driver as to what that person plans to do.
So I wait until cars are stopped or about to and stick out my arm as I cross Castlefrank.  This gives drivers the clear signal they need.
On the whole drivers are good at stopping at this intersection - yes there are a lot of rolling "stops" - and I've yet to see anyone just drive through without stopping.
Pedestrians should think about adopting the "arm-out" signal at all crossings for their and drivers' sakes.
Barry Read
Jan 18, 9:34 am. 


7.     7.     I do not use this intersection as a pedestrian. As a driver, I would imagine it could be a problem for pedestrians - I have seen a lot of other drivers "drift" through the stop.
 The Weirs, Kanata, Ontario
Jan. 18, 9:40 am


8.    8.     Regarding the possibility of putting traffic lights at the Castlefrank & McCurdy/Tamblyn intersection, I think it's fine the way it is as a 4 way stop - municipal dollars may be better spent in other ways.  It can get a bit backed up with cars sometimes, but not often enough to warrant changing it.  I don't think drivers find the wait too long even when there are many.  I'm not aware of any pedestrian near-misses, or hits.  Visibility and courtesy are good in my experience.  There may be a point when traffic lights are needed at this intersection, but they are not needed yet, as far as I can tell.  Thank you!
 Kathy Dillon
Jan. 18 10:40 pm.


        9.      This is a crazy crosswalk!!  For although it is marked clearly, the cars DO NOT always stop.  Most slow down!  As a mom with kids, this corner scares me.  I was once crossing on my bike, with a bike trailer and a 5 year old following on her bike.  I was 1/2 way across the intersection when a car zipped across behind me HITTING my 5 year old.  Thankfully, she was just knocked off her bike, because they hit her back wheel.  But it could have been much worse.  THEY DIDN'T EVEN STOP.   I was too worried about picking up my daughter off the ground, and instead of helping me people were driving around us in the middle of the intersection.

I     I don't know what the answer is, ........  Lights with a really good sensor for people turning left?

      We also need some kind of crosswalk down by the bus stop.   Yes, I know people are supposed to walk either up to the stop sign or down to the lights at Kakulu, but let's face it they don't.  We need one of those flashing light pedestrian crossing things.
      The safety of everyone is a concern.
      Danielle Carrie
     Jan. 19 3:59 pm.


1     10.              My mommy said stop at the curb, look to the left first, then to the right, then back to the left.  If it is determined to be safe, then proceed across the intersection with caution.
 I can appreciate that with rolling stops, stop sign and red light running prevalent nowadays, it puts extra emphasis on CAUTION.   Be smart and cautious and save my tax dollars for something serious.

Bob Moxley
Jan. 21, 2:05 pm


Two more Replies about Pedestrians at the Tamblyn-McCurdy intersection of Castlefrank added January 25

11.     I believe what makes the intersection busy and challenging is that it’s not a 4 way stop but rather a 6 way stop. There are two left hand turning lanes that if they were eliminated, would ease in the decision making when the intersection becomes busy. Left turning are very useful at traffic lights as they prevent interfering with traffic going straight but do not have the same benefits at stops where all traffic have to stop anyway. I’d say remove the left turning lanes and replace the space with a medium where pedestrians can at least find a temporary refuge as they cross halfway. One could make the mediums temporary to test it out for a period of time. As a driver, I find myself letting other drivers go ahead of my turn to avoid confrontation with mostly southbound drivers which have become frustrated waiting in line. In my opinion and if it would be in the budget, a traffic light would ease the flow and also the patience of drivers going southbound.

Additionally, the bus stop on the south side of the southbound traffic is a really poor design. They should at least incorporate a cut-out on the right in order not to interfere with the traffic. As it is now when a bus stops, all the traffic tries to squeeze in tightly behind the bus which then blocks the pedestrian cross walk and sometimes blocks the intersection.

Richard Beaudoin
Jan. 21  11:08 pm


12.       As a pedestrian, I would appreciate better lighting at these pedestrian crossings at night time.  However, there are some things that users need to do.  At night, pedestrians must not wear dark clothing!  And drivers MUST stop at stop signs, and when turning right on red.  I've had more near misses from this latter than I care to have.  I like to make eye contact with drivers; BUT you can't with so many tinted windows these days.  Perhaps a camera occasionally would get the necessary evidence, and also might improve driving and walking.
Andrew Hartshorn                   
Jan 22  9:15 am                       


This reply was added on January 27

13.      Two things come to mind about this intersection. One is that, as a driver, it is an intersection that calls for particular alertness especially when turning left off of McCurdy during rush hour. It is possibly the most difficult 4 way stop intersection in the area.

The second consideration is that during the dark of December/January if you're turning right off of Castlefrank onto McCurdy it is difficult to spot pedestrians on the North-west corner. If you Google 'street view' the corner, you can see that the lack of an overhead light on Castlefrank and the presence of a high corner hedge contribute to this reduced visibility.
Ted Duross 
Jan 26 7:42 am