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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Replies on Questions to Councillor Hubley's Office

Please find the information that has been gathered regarding your inquiries below:

1.       Are the results of the Eagleson  Pedestrian Safety Survey available?  
The analysis is not yet complete, but we should have more information soon. This was a study of multiple intersections in the ward, including Castlefrank/Tamblyn and one in Bridlewood.

2.  Has the report on the May 3rd traffic count at the Castlefrank/Tamblyn & McCurdy intersection been released?  
Currently the intersection only meets 90% of the warrants for signalization. Councillor Hubley is working with staff on future options for this location, as he believes that we should only be a year or two away from action at this intersection.

3.  Now that  the flood mitigation project from Belleview on to  Barrow Crescent is completed, what is the status of the Vanstone & Belleview area flood mitigation project?
               We have a few projects at various stages in that vicinity:

There was a project that was undertaken this past summer to construct a new storm sewer overland flow route from Belleview Drive/Vanstone Drive via Barrow Crescent.  All the work on this project has been completed as of mid October – except for some minor deficiencies to address and the installation of  a newly requested traffic control gate system at Belleview Drive and the asphalt pathway between Belleview Drive and Kakulu Drive.  We are still coordinating with the contractor for that installation.

The project leader is currently working on plans for future work in the area.  His project will be re-grading and re-instating the ditches along Vanstone Drive, Belleview Drive, Oakview Road and Pineview Road to improve overland conveyance.  The existing culverts will  be upsized and replaced where necessary.  These roads are currently being surveyed and the design will be finalized over the winter.  We are currently expecting to have a tender out in the spring for construction in 2013.

 4.  Has there been any progress on to letter requesting intensification developments “pay the cost of infrastructure upgrades that intensification would make necessary”?
Pursuant to our phone conversation, please let me know if you locate the original document and I would be happy to investigate.

5.  Did the recreation department  respond to the proposal for a pathway from Kakulu about Barrow West to Pickard Park?
                From the PM, ROW Information and Approvals:
The parkland between Pickford and Kakulu is City owned Park. There does not appear to be a ROW linking Millman to this park.

I have copied staff in our Transportation planning group and Recreation Planning for any comments they may have on this request.

From Transportation:
This pathway, while a nice park amenity, would provide only marginal pedestrian transportation benefit over the existing sidewalks on Kakulu and Pickford.  It is not a facility we would pursue from a Transportation Planning perspective as it would be recreational in nature. 

Answer from Recreation is still pending.

6.  Has the date and time of the meeting on upgrading Young’s  Pond Park been set?
Not at this time. We will be doing more work on the liner next spring, and a meeting will be set up following that work.