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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hazeldean Watermain Upgrade (fall 2012-fall 2013)

Upgrade of Hazeldean Road Watermain between Castlefrank and Kincardine

                    Introduction:Please note that construction of the new 914mm diameter watermain on Hazeldean Road between Kincardine Drive and Castlefrank Road is scheduled to commence mid-October, 2012.  All the construction work will occur on the north side (westbound lanes) of Hazeldean Road. The south side of the road will be temporarily converted into single lane, 2-way traffic. 

                    Schedule:The City’s appointed Contractor is Greenbelt Construction and the anticipated construction schedule is as follows:
  • Mid / late Oct, 2012 – The contractor will mobilize to site and commence preparatory work and set up temporary traffic control measures.
  • Early Nov, 2012 to mid Dec, 2012 – Watermain installation from Kincardine Drive to just east of Edgewater Street.
  • Spring 2013 to fall 2013 – Watermain installation from Edgewater Street to Castlefrank Drive.
Regular traffic flow on Hazeldean Road will be reinstated from approximately mid Dec 2012 to mid March 2013.  The contract is scheduled to be fully completed by Oct 2013.
                    Building Survey:
You may feel vibrations due to heavy equipment use and from rock excavation during construction.  This is quite common and not usually a problem.  In accordance with the requirements of the contract, residents within the designated project limits will soon be contacted by Greenbelt’s sub-contractor, Explotech, to arrange for a house and property inspection to be undertaken.  It is your choice whether or not you wish to have the inspection conducted on your property but we recommend that you do.  You may also want to complete a survey yourself, before the work starts, to record the condition of your building.  This survey should include photographs.
The Contractor is fully responsible for any damage to private property as a result of their construction activities.  If you think that damage occurred to your property as a result of construction, please contact Greenbelt directly.
                    Temporary Traffic Conditions:
Temporary traffic signal modifications will be set up, and some turning movements will be restricted or removed at the Terry Fox, Edgewater, Young and Castlefrank intersections.  In order to avoid cumulative traffic disruption, construction will generally be staged such that the work does not occur at the busiest intersections at the same time.
The lane reductions on Hazeldean Road and the temporary traffic signal modifications will likely result in some traffic delays, especially during peak periods.  The timetable for bus route #118 and #96 on Hazeldean Road will be adjusted to allow for some extra travel time.
Edgewater Street will be closed at Hazeldean for a short period while construction occurs within the intersection and during this time access to / from Edgewater will be from Terry Fox Drive.  A sign will be erected on Hazeldean at Edgewater to advise public that businesses are operating as usual and that access is provided to Edgewater from Terry Fox.
Vehicular access into the businesses on the north side of Hazeldean Road between Terry Fox Drive and Young Street will be restricted during construction.  However, although restricted, the Contractor will be required to maintain access to businesses at all times.  A temporary access lane might be necessary, or in situations where two access lanes are present into the mall, only one will be operational for short period during construction.
In areas where existing sidewalks and bus shelters will be impacted by the construction work, temporary provisions will be provided.  
                    Water Service:
A temporary loss of water service during non-business hours will be experienced for a short duration at some of the properties located onHazeldean Road.  The installation of temporary water services might also be required.  You will be notified in advance of any planned water service interruptions.
                    Special Assistance:
Should you or any member of your household require special assistance when walking through the construction site due to physical or visual impairment, please contact Greenbelt or the City’s on-site representative.
The City is committed to minimizing any disruption and inconvenience to the public during construction.  We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation. 
For further information or to provide comments, contact the City of Ottawa project manager at the address below.Jonathan Knoyle, P. Eng., Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Projects
City of Ottawa, Infrastructure Services Department,100 Constellation Crescent
613-580-2424 ext. 16436
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