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Friday, June 8, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 7, 2012

Present: Rod MacLean, Marc Labreche, Kul Kapoor and resident

OCDSB: Priorities will require effort to bring about the preferred result that all the
children of the family attend the same school.

Draft Concept for Refurbishing Young’s Pond Park.
● The City foresters who had toured the Park woodlot on May 3 recommended that
nature be allowed to adapt to urban development. They also recommended that the
Community would want to counter the Buckthorn invasive plants that are found in the
● Was the anti-mosquito spraying (to combat the spread of the West Nile Virus) cause
Young’s Pond Park wild life to die out?
● Why is the Park to be refurbished?
Right now people go to the lookout and leave
●Will fish be netted out? Would the community protect wild animals and fish in their
● What is to be asphalted?
The draft concept is confusing on the asphalting.
Existing asphalt sidewalk is not being maintained.
● A wooden platform rather than a boardwalk is more suitable at the north end of the
● There should be more lighting on the existing sidewalk

Traffic Count: KHCA to be advised when May 3rd Castlefrank and Tamblyn/McCurdy
traffic count report is received.

Pedestrian Overpass: A heavy burden would be imposed on users by a pedestrian
overpass from Eagleson Park and Ride to a new Transitway Station located North of
March Road and Compeau intersection.

Belleview Vanstone Flood Mitigation: As phases of flood mitigation have been
designed public Open Houses are to be held.

Financial Status: The year’s income will accommodate foreseen expenses.

Meeting adjourned – 8:30 p.m.