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Friday, June 8, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 2, 2012


Rod MacLean, Josh Boyes, Marc Labreche, Councilor Hubley and staff, and seven
community members

Young's Pond Park Improvements:
  • Councilor Hubley outlined the preliminary concept of improving Young's Pond.  He indicated that he is in the community input phase.
  • Items which he is suggesting could be part of an improved park include: dredging and deepening of the pond, introducing fish to the pond, installing a well to maintain the pond levels (operated by solar panels), installing a boardwalk next to the pond, paving the path between McCurdy and Young Roads and installing a nature themed knowledge board near the woods.
  • Community members were generally pleased and supportive of the plans and concepts.
  • Community members expressed concerns about possible vandalization of improvements and that the job might end up "being left half done". Councillor Hubley replied that most of the improvements could be made independently and that experience has proven that park improvements increase usage, thereby reducing undesirable behaviour.

COSTCO By-law amendment:
  • The President raised the issue of the zoning amendment request by COSTCO.
  • Councilor Hubley outlined that the presence of a COSTCO gas bar had the potential to drive down local gas prices as other stations seek to be competitive.
  • Further, that light pollution should not be a concern.
  • There would be another entrance/exit to the COSTCO property. (note: isn't there already road access from the north side?)
  • COSTCO would install and underground drainage container that would collect the runoff to replace the current above ground pond that is currently there.
  • Community members were not opposed to the plans by COSTCO.

Ottawa Casino:
  • Councilor Hubley indicated that he believes the downtown is currently the #1 location for a new casino in Ottawa given that it would be closer to the majority of hotels and in the tourist areas.
  • Councilor Hubley indicated that the Scotiabank Place location was a strong #2 location as it is currently zone to permit a casino.

Capital Hoedown:
  • The final plans for the Capital Hoedown are expected soon.

Garbage Pickup:
  • Starting in November, pick will be every other week.  Discussion as to whether we would see a corresponding reduction in garbage collection fees.

Minutes of Last Meeting:
  • Approved as presented
  • Follow-up discussion on the invasive species from last meeting, reported sightings of buckthorn, and dog strangling vine in the vacant lot near the Kanata Town Centre and in Old Quarry Trail.
Meeting adjourned - 8:45 p.m.