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Friday, June 8, 2012

Barrow Crescent Inuvik Crescent Overland Flow Route

Barrow Crescent will likely experience some disruption this summer as part of the Vanstone Storm Outlet and overland flow route project (to control the route excess stormwater takes when stormsewers can't keep up). This excess water will be routed above ground down Kakulu and Barrow Crescent, across the soccer field at Roger St-Denis and the Shell station backing onto Inuvik Crescent, and finally into the creek in Katimavik Woods.

Please find below the information that I’ve received from staff, through Councillor Hubley's office:

In extreme storm flow events the water will flow overland down Barrow Crescent to the parking lot of Rogers St. Denis French School, spill over the curb at the north end of the parking lot, across the soccer field to an existing open ditch at the north side of the soccer fields, then through to the Shell Canada site and across the west end of the car wash/asphalt and through an existing open channel to the existing Cattail Creek/Katimavik Woods.

City staff included copies of the design plans with the response, which we could forward upon request (though perhaps better if requested directly from the city to ensure latest version).