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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Work Schedule as of March 9, 2012 for Highway 417 Expansion

The construction contractor has to follow some specific operation constraints in the contract permitting closures for specific lengths of time only (they have fixed times they can close a ramp, but they can select the start of a closure themselves) however for the most part they are free to construct or rehabilitate the structures and ramps to fit their own schedule. 

This schedule may change.   The following is what is planned as of right now:

What is the plan for the expansion of Highway 417 from Eagleson /March overpass to the West? The existing highway will be widened from two lanes in each direction to four lanes in each direction until you go farther west and it narrows down to 3 lanes in each direction (its based on anticipated traffic volumes).  The project ends to the west at the highway 417/7 interchange.  Construction will start in April of this year, with winter shutdowns until fall of 2014.

When will the construction work begin at each of
the Eagleson/March overpass?  The work on this structure is in 4 phases.  Phase 1 and 2 will be in 2012 starting in late April 2012 - ending late Oct of this year.  There is a winter shutdown phase and construction on phase 3 & 4 will continue into 2013 and not finish until late fall of 2013.  There is a large culvert at this interchange that is being replaced this will result in a 12 week closure of the West on ramp coming from the north on Eagleson.  This will occur in the summer of 2013.  There is also a provision to close the west on ramp coming from south on Eagleson for 14 weeks to facilitate the structure work that is scheduled for July of this year.
the Castlefrank/Kanata overpass? No structure work is planned on the bridge itself.  However the on ramp heading east will be closed for a 5 week period due to the extensive reconstruction of the highway at this location. This is planned for late August 2013.
and the Terry Fox overpass access ramps? There is no planned structure work at this interchange nor any long duration closure of the ramps.  However the contractor is permitted short duration closures mostly at night time in non-peak hours on all the ramps, with specific restrictions on these short duration closures.