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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 6, 2012

Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association Meeting
Monday February 6, 2012



Rod MacLean, Marc Labreche, Josh Boyes, Kul Kapoor and Mr. & Mrs. Kvarda

Capital Hoedown Community Concerns:

-          The Kvardas live very close to the affected area and had a number of concerns including noise, security and containment concerns, damaged sports fields and financial responsibility for damage to public property. They expressed concern that the contract was signed before the public knew about the location.
-          They also noted that people have been throwing  beer bottles onto their yard over night

Minutes of Last Meeting:

-          Approved as presented

Treasure’s Report :


-          Treasurer’s full Report anticipated before the next Association meeting

Designation of Officer and other KHCA Organizational Matters:

-          Discussed were the new requirements of organization and reporting as required by the Province of Ontario. As a non-profit corporation, KHCA will be required to follow the new rules.

Bus Stop Signs:

-          Vandals have been stealing bus stop signs. Residents are encouraged to report any missing signs to OC Transpo and the Police as indicated on KHCA website.
-          KHCA should notify the neighbourhood watch.

Pool Enclosure By-law coming into force:
-          There is to be a fence on all sides of new or renovated private pools. Hedges will no longer be sufficient. One’s house will no longer be sufficient.
-          Website has been returned to service.

Community Improvements:

-          Ideas were discussed including watering hedges to improve their growth and appearance, a community health centre,  improve pedestrian safety at Eagleson Park & Ride with longer “Walk” and “Do Not Walk” periods of time, the implications of placing a second set of Walk and Do Not Walk signage at the Median and  having Red Light Radar on Eagleson .

Meeting adjourned – 9:29 p.m.