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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Agenda for March 5 KHCA Meeting

Welcome  All
Capital Hoedown: KH concerns you would like the police to be aware of in preparing for Capital Hoedown.   
Approval of February Minutes   
President’s Update    Skating Party       Transit  April changes        City Wide Zoning Changes consolidation by-law response to be submitted by March 16th see KHCA website      School Boundary and Kanata South overcrowding;   Highway 417 expansion schedule;      Spot Zoning challenge;       Do we need a building to accommodate Katimavik Hazeldean Community Activities?  Financial Update
Motion that the following subsection 3. be added to the KHCA Constitution Section creating the Executive Committee  
“The Officers of Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association elected by the Association’s annual general meeting are the Directors of Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association”  
Invasive Plants Presentation    Sarah Dehler, the V.P. of the Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant Community Association, leads greening initiative from Canada Day in Kanata (past 3 years)and an active member of the Kanata Environmental Network and the Ontario Invasive Plant Council will share with Kanata South community members information on the key starting points for concerned individuals interested in what they can do in controlling these natural invaders.
The beautiful, natural areas in Kanata are facing threats from some natural invaders. Dog Strangling Vine, Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard are just three of the plants that pose a risk to the woodlands and greens paces we enjoy for walking, jogging, dog-walking and simply admiring nature’s beauty.
 Adjourn            Next Meeting:  Monday,   April 2, 2012       


KHCA    AGENDA   --- ANNEX         March 5, 2012
For International Women’s Day (March 8th) Councillor Hubley’s celebrations will be held at the Kanata Recreation Centre beginning at 6:30 pm on Wednesday March 7th;   
For information on Waste Management Carp Road landfill expansion Open House that also is  March 7th   from 4 pm to 8 pm at Brookstreet Hotel visit: www.wec.wm.com/resources.asp;
Kanata Pathway Patrols need volunteers for two patrols (with at least one other person) per month usually lasting about two hours in length monitors can walk, cycle, run or in-line skate likely suited to those who already walk , cycle, run, skate on pathways already   email:  pathwaypatrol@ottawa.ca 
Employment PART-TIME throughout the year in Kanata with City of Ottawa Culture and Recreation Department contact 613-580-2424 ext 33501       
Isolated Seniors:    WOCRC services to seniors posted on KHCA website   & for Kanata Seniors Centre activities visit  =  www.kanataseniors.ca/calendar.html;          CMHC “Maintaining Seniors’ Independence through Home Adaptations”  available by phoning: 1800-668-2642 or visiting:  www.cmhc.ca ;
To contact Service Ottawa in order to book and pay for ice time at city arenas, pay parking tickets and a whole range of 143 other transactions online visit services section of the City’s home page: www.ottwaw.ca 

                  March5 2012 Agenda      ANNEX     p 2
The Mental Health Emergency contact phone numbers posted;
City Culture and Recreation Programs online sign-up ;   
WOCRC tax preparation session (income limits) Saturday, March 17for appointment phone 613-591-3686 ext 750;    
Young’s Pond Skating Party nine pictures posted on KHCA website  (Two more in Feb 16th issue and One of our nine in Feb 23rd issue of Kanata Kourier-Standard   EMC

NO CHANGES to  REPORT::   Young’s Pond Park refurbishing proposals expected for April 2nd  KHCA meeting;          Vanstone/Belleview flooding mitigation;   No Smoking in Public Places Report  Adopted at Council== Councillor Hubley wanted to start slowly building up to current ban level  ie, start with restaurant patios;      Castlefrank Roundabout at Tamblyn traffic volumes;          Hazeldean Branch Library in renovations depot service until June, 2012;  
South March Highlands and the Kizzell Wetland Study will be released at the Public Meeting to be held from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (presentation at 7:30 pm) on March 26 in the Mlacak Centre, 2500 Compeau Drive.