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Monday, October 17, 2011

ARC possibly recommending K-H lose access to Earl Of March HS ??

Katimavik Hazeldean possibly Loosing Earl Of March HS ??
ARC Public Meetings
 Kanata South (Oct 18, 6:30 PM @ A.Y. Jackson SS)
 Kanata North (Oct 20, 6:30 PM @ Earl Of March SS)

What's at stake for Katimavik Hazeldean Community is our access to Earl of March SS.
Just one day before the first public meeting, ARC North  and   South  have just posted the options.

There are options that will exclude Katimavik-Hazeldean from access to Earl of March Secondary School.     Other scenarios may result in Katimavik Hazeldean loosing access to EOM SS, eventually, if not immediately.

What To Do:
Please attend the ARC public meeting/ meetings and record your disapproval of boundary change for Earl of March SS per Hwy 417. It is just a numbers game that how many from North Kanata areas that are not in EOM SS boundary want IN vs Katimavik Hazeldean that could be taken OUT of EOM SS. We must convince BOTH ARC South and ARC North not to change EOM SS boundary to Hwy 417.

Advice:     Say Yes or No firmly.    
Any comment like "Option XYZ is OK only if hell freezes over" could be counted as a "conditional" Yes.

Submitted by a resident and edited for posting