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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Senior Summit - October 3, 2011

 The City of Ottawa will be holding a series of steps leading to improved City of Ottawa programs servicing for Older Adults.
 The kick off will be a  SENIOR SUMMIT  at 8:00 am City Hall  on October 3, 2011 with Opening Speeches by Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Mark Taylor followed by questions and answer; presentations on seniors demographics, trends and current City programs; small group discussions, keynote speakers .        

The Senior Summit will be followed by public consultations in October and November organized in cooperation with the Age Friendly Ottawa Initiative

The objective is to develop an Older Adult Plan as an action plan to be implemented in 2012 as the template for realizing the necessary adjustments which the City may have to make.

Attention is being focused on the following six broad areas: Transportation; Housing; Social and Recreation Services; Community Support and Health Services; Civic Participation and Volunteering; Public Safety and Security.

Clink  Register Online  in order to register for the Senior Summit     Please note registration for the Seniors Summit is limited.

There are two background studies.     You may click Portrait of Older Adults to consult the demographic data on seniors  and also click the Inventory of Programs and Services for Older Adults   to review the current status of City programs