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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Young's Pond upgrade plans

EMC Kanata quoted Councillor Hubley as thanking Waste Management for being an excellent corporate citizen in regards to the generous donations (EMC News, posted Aug 11, 2011, cited 14 Aug 2011) and providing the following details (Jeff Maguire Aug 11, 2011, cited 14 Aug 2011):
Some of the preliminary plans for the park include a boardwalk on the side of the pond so children and adults can look into the water, as well as making the pond more accessible for all.
We are currently working on a draft concept plan for the pond, which may include the introduction of fish into the pond. I will keep residents informed via newsletters, my website and a public meeting once the draft plan is received.
Other ideas for the park include new picnic tables, benches, a knowledge board and birdhouses.
My goal is to showcase the pond's natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.