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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hwy 417 interchange and transitway projects

This is the MOT response to the KHCA public comment about synchronizing Eagleson/Castlefrank work with the City so that Eagleson and Castlefrank are completed BEFORE the City begins building the Transitway underpass from the Terry Fox Park and Ride area to the West under Terry Fox Drive and the Province starts work at the Terry Fox Intersection ramps.
"Construction of the Highway 417 expansion between Eagleson Road and Highway 7 is scheduled to begin in 2011.  Rehabilitation of the northbound Eagleson Road to westbound Highway 417 on-ramp will be completed within the first full construction season. Ramp closures will not occur during winter months, therefore, if the required 14 week closure cannot be accommodated in 2011 these closures will be delayed until the start of the 2012 construction season.

"The proposed construction staging plan was developed with the objective of minimizing traffic impacts, both on Highway 417 and local roads, by maintaining three lanes of traffic open on the Eagleson Road Bridge in each stage. As well, to further avoid traffic impacts, ramps on adjacent interchanges will not be closed at the same time. The proposed ramp closures will only impact vehicles attempting to access Highway 417 westbound and any traffic impacts associated with the proposed ramp closures will be temporary.

"In terms of detour routes, we have considered alternatives, and are recommending the proposed signed detours as it is the most direct route. There are no practical ways to discourage use of Katimavik Road during construction, however, any potential impacts to traffic on Katimavik Road will be temporary."