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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transitway Connection to the Kanata Industrial Park and Old Carp Road

Provided by Rod, KHCA Pres, for discussion at the May 9 monthly meeting:
Essentially the process is to establish the route to be followed by the eventual segregated rapid transit service from Western Transitway route at the Eagleson/March/Highway 417 area to serve the Kanata North Industrial Park and Old Carp Road.

The April 19 Open House centred attention on identifying the preferred route. The choices have been reduced to deciding whether the route should be exclusively along March Road from Eagleson/Highway 417 area, or whether the route should proceed first from Colchester Square area along Teron Road to join March Road in the area of the Kanata Mews and Richardson Side Road near the Western beginning of Carling Avenue and the follow March Road to Carp Road.

Once the route is selected and the new pre-planning and environmental assessment process is completed and the EA approved by the Ministry of the Environment, the City and landowners in Kanata North will be able to proceed in the knowledge that the route to be followed by rapid transit service whether in the form of Buses or Rapid Transit is fixed.

Basically, the issues centre on the impact on the residents Beaverbrook near Teron Road.  There may well be types of intensification that would not overwhelm the community. Nonetheless, current development strategies of intensification seem intend to radically transform a community in unacceptable directions and through offensive confrontation.

Obviously there are opportunities for development on the West side of March Road only even if may be acceptable to the Beaverbrook Community. The NCC has been opposed the development of the Greenbelt land.

March Road represents a less readily direct access to the Western Transitway because of a deposit of Leda Clay North of Highway 417 at the March Road intersection.

There are any number of issues involved in this project ranging from the location of major stations, defining local connection points, stipulating location of and number of Park and Ride sites, accommodating commuter passengers to and from Kanata North and South as well as facilitating all day passengers to and from as well as within Kanata North and South, and specifying with zoning changes the intended impacts on communities all along the designated route.
Attachments (PDF):
Roll Plan - Teron Property Requirements
March Road Two Options and Aerial
Teron Roard - Three Options and Aerial
March Road Open House Display Boards follow:use Boards