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Friday, May 20, 2011

Roundabout at Castlfrank and McCurdy/Tamblyn

There is preliminary discussion about installing three roundabouts in Kanata, one of which would replace the current 4-way stop at Castlefrank and McCurdy/Tamblyn which often sees traffic queues of many cars  during the day as well as during peak times
          It has been suggested that pedestrians islands should be incorporated in the design to maintain a    
                 consistent safety design throughout the City.
          It has also been suggested that a low-rise design i.e., without an obvious raised centre feature to define
                 it be used, to keep costs low.  However, that might be less effective in training drivers to   
                approach at  safe speeds, would not shield oncoming headlights at night, and would not be in
                keeping with the aesthetic standard of the Castlefrank Road.  
          If have any  concerns with the specific proposal and/or suggested modifications, you are 
                encouraged to forward your comments both  to the Community Association   and  
                to Councillor Hubley   .
    As always, the KHCA depends on your responses in its goal of providing an opportunity to convey your views to City Officials both elected and appointed.      You may add your remarks below or contact Rod MacLean   KHCA President directly.