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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Term Strategy to Encourage Sustainable Transportation Choices

City staff developing of a comprehensive Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategy. 
The purpose is to make sustainable transportation choices—walking, cycling, transit, ridesharing and telework—more inviting, convenient and rewarding for individuals.   
TDM measures help individuals travel more often by non-driving alternatives, travel more often outside peak periods, and reduce the number and length of their trips.  
The TDM Strategy will closely complement the City’s current plans for physical improvements to transit facilities and services, cycling networks, and the walking environment.   
The TDM Strategy will establish long-term objectives, a short-term action plan and a performance measurement framework. 
It will be built on the existing policy framework from the City's Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan, as well as existing TDM initiatives such as the TravelWise and OttawaRideMatch programs.
KHCA would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may  have on the TDM Strategy as it begins.
Clearly when the preliminary findings and recommendations are released in the Fall of 2011, KHCA will engage in a detailed review and again invite your comments on the proposal.