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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Garden suites" in the city

The KHCA would like to thank Michael Boughton from the City of Ottawa for honing our sense of the formal dimensions of the extent to which an individual homeowner may place a “garden suite” or a “secondary dwelling” on the lot which the home occupies.

It is extremely reassuring to hear that a garden suite or  a secondary dwelling must inobstrusively conform to  the character of the neighbourhood.

No matter what the details of size, situating or occupant may be imposed by the Planning Act, the Official Plan, the Zoning By-law, the Building Cold, the Fire Code,  and building standards the resultant unit can be legitimately expected to enhance the nature of  the streetscape.

Thank you for taking the time to generously contribute to our learning and relearning the advantages of good neighbourliness.