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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Action Plan for July 24, 2009 Flooding on Vanstone

The Action Plan presented to the Environment Committee on May 17 includes a number of projects costing $32.1 million in total in Table 1 - Recommend Action Plan.  The plan calls for spending $6.8 million in 2011 and $23 plus million in 2012with $2.2 million spent in 2010.

The Action Plan includes work in Katimavik-Hazeldean centres on upgrades to the Vanstone Ditch and Sewer at a preliminary estimate of  2011 design costing $200,000 and actual work in 2012 costing $2,000,000

The Consolidated Report Report attached to the formal statement to  presented to the Environment Committee sets out the explanation of the alterations to roadside ditches at pages 12 and 13 in report  item .6

Long Term Strategy to Encourage Sustainable Transportation Choices

City staff developing of a comprehensive Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategy. 
The purpose is to make sustainable transportation choices—walking, cycling, transit, ridesharing and telework—more inviting, convenient and rewarding for individuals.   
TDM measures help individuals travel more often by non-driving alternatives, travel more often outside peak periods, and reduce the number and length of their trips.  
The TDM Strategy will closely complement the City’s current plans for physical improvements to transit facilities and services, cycling networks, and the walking environment.   
The TDM Strategy will establish long-term objectives, a short-term action plan and a performance measurement framework. 
It will be built on the existing policy framework from the City's Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan, as well as existing TDM initiatives such as the TravelWise and OttawaRideMatch programs.
KHCA would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may  have on the TDM Strategy as it begins.
Clearly when the preliminary findings and recommendations are released in the Fall of 2011, KHCA will engage in a detailed review and again invite your comments on the proposal.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June 4 - 5 Give Away Weekend

  2011 Spring Give Away Weekend

      *       Give Away Weekend will take place during Environment Week - Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, 2011

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So don't put your unwanted bounty pieces in the garbage. Set them out at the curb on Give Away Weekend. For you treasure hunters, tour your neighbourhood, community and city to find those hidden gems.

Treasures could include:

      *       Books, CDs and DVDs.

      *       Old furniture and small appliances.

      *       Construction materials - including drywall and hardware such as nails, bolts and screws.

      *       Kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans.

      *       Unwanted gifts.

Rules for setting out the treasures:

      *       Place items at the curb.

      *       Place stickers or signs on items with the word "FREE".

      *       Ensure any items that you want to keep are away from your set out treasures or tucked away safely in your garage.

      *       At the end of the day, bring any uncollected gems back to your home.

Treasure hunting etiquette:

      *       Respect other people's property, don't walk on people's lawns and gardens.

      *       Take only the treasures marked free at the curb.

      *       Don't discard previously picked-up treasures on another person's lawn.

We wish you best of luck in finding those treasures. 

 Printemps de 2011 Fin de semaine don-débarras

      *       Au printemps, le Fin de semaine don-débarras aura lieu durant de la Semaine de l'environnement, soit le samedi 4 juin et le dimanche 5 juin.

Les choses sans valeur pour certains sont des trésors pour d’autres. Par conséquent, ne jetez pas les articles dont vous ne voulez plus! Disposez-les en bordure du chemin lors des Fins de semaine don-débarras. À vous les chasseurs de trésors, parcourez votre quartier, communauté et la ville entière à la recherche d’objets convoités.

Exemples de trésors :

      *       Livres, disques compacts et DVD.

      *       Vieux meubles et petits électroménagers.

      *       Matériaux de construction, y compris cloisons sèches et quincaillerie telle que clous, vis et écrous.

      *       Accessoires de cuisine, vaisselle, coutellerie, marmites et poêlons.

      *       Cadeaux qui vous sont inutiles.

Règles concernant la disposition de vos trésors

      *       Placez vos articles près du chemin.

      *       Apposez un collant ou une étiquette portant le mot « GRATUIT » sur les articles.

      *       Assurez-vous que les objets que vous souhaitez conserver sont placés à l'écart des trésors que vous désirez donner ou rangés en toute sécurité dans votre garage.

      *       À la fin de la journée, rentrez à l'intérieur tous vos trésors qui n'auront pas trouvé preneurs.

Règles de conduite de la chasse aux trésors

      *       Respectez la propriété d'autrui : ne circulez pas sur les pelouses et dans les jardins des gens.

      *       Ne prenez que les articles portant la mention " gratuit ", placés en bordure du chemin.

      *       N'abandonnez pas sur un parterre un trésor trouvé ailleurs.

Bonne chasse aux trésors!

REPENSEZ LES DÉCHETS! http://www.ottawa.ca/city_services/recycling_garbage/rethink_garbage/index_fr.html <http://www.ottawa.ca/city_services/recycling_garbage/rethink_garbage/index_fr.html>  , voilà l’occasion rêvée, lors des Fins de semaine don-débarras, de protéger notre trésor le plus précieux : l’environnement