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Friday, April 29, 2011

OC Transpo: Response to feedback regarding changes in Katimavik

Response from Councillor Hubley's office to Rod MacLean, KHCA President:
Good Afternoon Rod,

We have taken all your suggestions to OC Transpo for their consideration. Thank-you for taking the time to provide us with all this input.

With regards to the suggestion that route 61 and 62 by-pass the Park ‘N’ Ride or pick-up on Eagleson be arranged as opposed to entering the Park ‘N’ Ride to save time. OC Transpo would not recommend this because pick-up on Eagleson could become a safety hazard for pedestrians and it also may create congestion on Eagleson. It could also create problems for those entering the on-ramp to the Queensway. There is also the issue Mr. McNichol raised which is that by not stopping at the Park ‘N’ Ride it would put strain on other parts of the system.

Secondly, rush-hour service on the 161 is provided at the usual thirty minute intervals during the peak periods ( approximately 06:00 to 09:00 and 15:00 to 19:00). We have requested the 161 correspond with route 62 at the McCurdy/Castlefrank stop. OC Transpo indicates route 62 will operate frequently enough that this will not be a problem.

It should be noted that it will be more difficult to make a connection to the 161 in the evening as it is dependent on which bus 62 is taken from downtown.

OC Transpo indicates that the travel planner at octranspo.com will help customers to choose the best trip and to make comparisons between connecting to route 161 or walking from stops on either 61 or 62.

Thirdly, OC Transpo is working out the details on route #161 regarding off peak service but they have provided us their thoughts which include three midday trips at 10:30, 12:00, 13:30. It would be at least one hour after the last peak hour 19:00 trip before the first evening trip will operate(meaning the first evening trip will be around or shortly after 8 p.m).

There will be one late trip at approximately 22:30 which will be timed to allow connections from university classes and this will operate only as far south of the Hazeldean Mall serving the Katimvik area.

After 20:00, Route 164 would be altered so that all trips, northbound and southbound, operate via Abbeyhill, Castlefrank, Sheldrake, Glamorgan, and Rothesay.

OC Transpo has indicated that this would allow for the following:

In this way, evening service in the Katimavik area is provided by Routes 96 (on Katimavik and Castlefrank), 118 (on Hazeldean, Terry Fox, and Katimavik), 161 (two trips on Kakulu and Pickford West), and 164 (on Eagleson); evening service in the Glen Cairn area is provided by Routes 96 (on Haxeldean), 118 (on Hazeldean), and 164 (through the community); and evening service in the Bridlewood area is provided by Route 164 (through the community).

With regards to bunching, this will partially be addressed by the fact that there are fewer bus routes therefore sequencing will be easier to facilitate within the schedules. This will also be addressed with the acquisition of double-decker buses which carry more passengers than an articulated bus in less space.

If you have any more suggestions we would gladly bring them to the table in our talks with OC Transpo.


Eric Charron
Assistant to Councillor Allan Hubley
Kanata South, Ward 23