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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dogs in Parks

At a December 21 meeting with Councillor Allan Hubley and Christine Hartig of By-Law Services, KHCA was advised that the City Public Works Department has been instructed to make and install, before the 2011 Winter snow melts, the necessary signage to fit the 2007 Dogs in Parks Policy designations for Katimavik parks.
Chiefly, this means signage to show nine parks - Beaufort, Dorey, Escarpment/Chimo, Larsen, Rowe, Sewell, Stonegate, Young's Pond and Watts - as permitting Dogs to be Off Leash.
KHCA will assist in publicizing the 2007 change in park designations.
Two of KHCA's concerns remain. Should parks with both limited usable space and play structures be Dogs Off Leash parks? Can a large park containing a natural barrier be workably split into two separate areas, one Dogs-On-Leash and the other area Dogs-Off-Leash?